Our Mission Statement

Western Windows guarantees you 100% satisfaction with our products, installation and customer service.
This guarantee is supported by all of our employees who are 100% committed to pleasing you, our customers,
with every phone call, every visit, every order. You can be certain that our products and company, will provide the
highest quality performance and service.

Our commitment to you is supported by the best warranties in the business and our assurance that you will be
delighted with the quality of our workmanship and materials. Over the years you will experience the Western difference.

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Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

We appreciate your business and your referrals.


Kevin Ryan

History of Western Windows

In 1977, Western Windows was established in Calgary, Alberta. We are a business based on honesty, quality and total dedication to customer satisfaction.

Over the years, that commitment has remained firm. And, as a result, our company has grown to be one of the best remodeling companies in Calgary and south central Alberta.

At Western Windows we are powered by a strong sense of pride. It is this pride that stands behind our pledge to you of quality products, fair prices and responsive service.

Factory Direct Installation

Scope of Work
Removal of existing windows and doors and the installation of new windows

Installers are Western Windows’ trained installers, covered by Workers Compensation and liability insurance. All work is covered under Western’s product, materials and labor warranty.

10 Step Process
1. Measure existing window/door to confirm a properly-sized window/door to fit that opening
2. Protect the work and traffic areas, carefully covering carpet and floor
3. Remove the existing window/door
4. Inspect the opening
5. Prepare the opening
6. Install the new window/door, ensuring that it is square and in good operating condition. All mounting screws shall be hidden whenever possible
NOTE: All power-driven nails and screws shall be, whenever possible, secured into the substructure of the building
7. Space (cavities) around the window shall be filled with foam insulation where needed
8. Interior will be trimmed with an option of oak, fir or PVC to compliment the existing interior finish
9. Exterior will be trimmed again to match as close as possible to existing. The window will be weatherproofed with a heavy-duty sealant
10. Work area and job site will be fully cleaned to the owner’s satisfaction. Furniture will be returned to its original position. All debris will be hauled away from the site