Condensation Concerns

How to reduce and prevent condensation

Surface Condensation: What can effect the performance of windows
Each person has his or her own preference regarding the humidity level in his or her home. If the occupants insist on a high level of humidity within the house, surface condensation must be expected when outside temperatures are low.  Because windows are often the coldest component of a building enclosure they can be an indicator of humidity problems. Because condensation occurs on inside window surfaces whenever the surface temperature falls below the dew point temperature of the room air, window condensation may signal a need to reduce the humidity level in your home.

(Inside Relative humidity of 21°C with Double Glazing)
Outside Air Temperature* Indoor Relative Humidity
-28°C (-18°F) or below
-28°C (-18°F) to -23°C (-9°F)
-22°C (-8°F) to -17°C (-2°F)
-16°C (-1°F) to -12°C (10°F)
-11°C (11°F) to -6°C (21°F)
-5°C (22°F) to 4°C (40°F)
not over 15%
not over 20%
not over 25%
not over 30%
not over 35%
not over 40%
*Including Wind Chill

Controlling Humidity

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