Double Slider and Double Hung Windows

Double Slider Window
Double Slider Window
Double Hung Window
Double Hung Window

What your home deserves

  1. Double Hung and Double Slider WindowThese windows have the highest number of internal chambers, lending them outstanding insulation and sound abatement qualities, as well as thermal efficiency and increased sturdiness.
  2. Interior glazing bead design constitutes a key security feature, allowing the window to withstand winds of over 330 km/h (205 mph).
  3. The full-size, double-walled handle bead is exceptionally sturdy.
  4. The double walls of the sash give it increased sound abatement qualities and strength.
  5. Quadruple weatherstripping provides remarkable airtightness, reducing heating and air conditioning

Additional features

Test results for product manufactured according to P.H. Tech specifications*
  DIMENSIONS CSA A440 AAMA / WDMA / CSA 101 / I.S.2 / A440-05
Double-hung windows 1000 x 1600
(40 x 63)
A3 B3 C4 F2 H-R55
Double-slider windows 1600 x 1100
(63 x 43)
A3 B3 C3 F2 HS-R50

*Tests performed by an independent laboratory.
Refer to the test report for detailed manufacturing specifications recommended by P.H. Tech.

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