Multi-Hollow Thermal Chamber Design provides superior thermal and sound insulation. Quality Manufacturer and Installer - Proper installation is crucial to assure that the window performs to its potential. The installer should weatherize and insulate the windows to ensure this efficiency. CMHC Certified Western Windows have been tested and certified. Better Business Bureau This signifies Western Windows participation with the Better Business Bureau. Our frames are built to keep out the weather.


Thermal Efficiency
is extremely high due to the excellent insulating properties of PVC in combination with multiple air chambers.

Fusion Welded
corners on both frame and sash are virtually indestructible and do not deteriorate with age.

Maintenance Free
Because Western 1000 windows are constructed of B.F. Goodrich geon PVC, they won't pit. peel, rot, dent, corrode or warp. So you can throw your paint brush away! Just wipe off dirt with a damp cloth and your windows will look like new.

Heavy Duty Hardware
with concealed hinges for positive sealing and maximum security achieved by using the Truth EntryGard operator which is fastened through two walls for extra strength.

Sealed Units
Available with Low E argon gas and super spacer employing warm edge technology.

Three Compression Seals
Virtually eliminates air and water infiltration as well as any possibility of frost build up on hardware.

Ideal for the Older Home
Frame width of 3 1/4" is well suited for any wall thickness with several optional extenders available for custom widths.

With double locks on all venting windows you get vastly improved tightly sealed windows.

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