Tips on preparing your home to have windows installed

  1. Do not pre-paint any walls we are working on as in the process of removing the old windows sometimes small pieces of drywall or plaster can crack or flake away, typically from the corners. Also you may see the old paint line left when the new casings can’t quite reach the old lines. Our biggest concern is to do our best to make sure the window fits perfectly to the exterior siding, stucco or brickwork.
  2. Remove any pictures, plates or items which may fall during installation
  3. Remove venetian blinds, curtains, brackets, etc.
    Note: Worse case scenario you may need new blinds depending on the new configuration of windows as well as how new heavier profile window frame fits into existing wall. You may be able to cut down existing blinds to fit back on or they may simply fit right back on.
  4. Please move furniture back approx. 3ft from the wall we are working on. Note: If too heavy our guys will move it.
  5. Although we do put drop sheets down in the immediate working areas, sometimes the wind comes up when we have a hole in your wall and it would be wise to perhaps use old bed sheets to cover over any china cabinets, entertainment centers or any furniture in the areas where fine dust could settle. This way you can just wrap them up and throw them in the wash and not have to dust.
  6. Computers… please do not operate computers or have any programs open as we have to plug in drills, saws, etc. and should there be a surge that causes a breaker to kick, you would lose everything that you are working on.
  7. Winter/cold weather installations… please remove plants, fish, birds etc. to a room NOT being worked on. Typically the window opening is open less than 15 minutes. In the case of bay and bow windows we set up tarps to help keep the cold out.
  8. Pets. Directed mainly at dogs… please keep them in a restrained area or at a friends for the day as they may become agitated with the workers.
  9. If you wish to keep any old glass, frames etc. please tell all the installers, otherwise we dispose of them.
  10. Stucco/Brick… many of the homes we work on are older and thus exteriors are somewhat brittle and the possibility exists that pieces of stucco or brick could have hairline cracks in them and as a result of the removal of the old window they may chip off. Our experience is 90%+ of the time there is no problem but should a piece fall off it would be the responsibility of the customer to have it repaired.
  11. Alarm Systems… Once we have a confirmed install date, please inform your alarm company we will be detaching it and you may have to arrange a service call for them to reattach with new contacts etc.
    NOTE: We will, of course, attempt to reinstall the old contacts but cannot guarantee the wires or old contacts wont break. Lastly, some alarm contacts are hidden from view and we would appreciate it if you could point out to the installers if you have a system.
  12. Entry door looks… We are not in the lock business but we will drill & install your existing set or new ones you provide.

Final Note: We strive to cover all eventualities but should anything come up not covered under this list please bring it to our attention so we may fine tune this list to help streamline and decrease the chances of any misunderstandings.