Preparation for Window & Door Installation

When getting new windows installed, proper preparation ensures a smooth and stress-free process. Follow these essential tips to get your home ready for the installation day.

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Easy Guide

Avoid Pre-Painting Walls

To ensure a perfect fit for your new windows and prevent any damage, avoid pre-painting the walls we will be working on. Sometimes, removing old windows may cause small pieces of drywall or plaster to crack or flake away, especially from the corners. Our priority is to ensure a seamless integration of the windows with your exterior siding, stucco, or brickwork.

Clear the Surrounding Area

Remove any pictures, plates, or items that may fall during the installation process. This precautionary measure ensures the safety of your belongings and prevents any potential accidents.

Address Venetian Blinds and Curtains

Remove venetian blinds, curtains, brackets, and other window treatments before the installation. Depending on the new window configuration and profile, you may need to adjust or replace your blinds. Cutting down existing blinds may be an option, or new ones may fit seamlessly.


A building permit may be required when you are upgrading your windows. Our team can help guide you to ensure you have requested the correct permits from your local municipality.

Next Steps

Rearrange Furniture

Please move furniture approximately 3 feet away from the walls where the installation will take place. If any furniture is too heavy for you to move, don’t worry; our skilled team will take care of it.

Protect Furniture and Belongings

While we do use drop sheets in the immediate working areas, it’s a good idea to cover china cabinets, entertainment centers, and other furniture with old bed sheets. This precaution will protect your belongings from any fine dust that might settle during the installation.

Computers and Electronics

For safety reasons, please refrain from operating computers or leaving any programs open during the installation. The use of power tools may cause a surge that could lead to data loss.

Winter/ Cold Weather Installations

During winter or cold weather installations, it’s advisable to move plants, fish, birds, and other pets to a room that is not being worked on. Our quick installation process typically opens the window for less than 15 minutes. For bay and bow windows, we set up tarps to keep the cold out.

Next Steps

Pets Safety

For your pets’ safety and to ensure a smooth working environment, please keep dogs and other pets in a restrained area or at a friend’s place during the installation.

Keep Old Glass and Frames

If you wish to keep any old glass or frames, please inform our installers in advance. Otherwise, we will dispose of them responsibly.

Stucco/Brick Concerns

For older homes with brittle exteriors like stucco or brick, there may be a slight possibility of hairline cracks during window removal. Although our experience shows minimal issues, any chipping off will be the responsibility of the customer to repair.

Alarm Systems and Entry Door Locks

Before installation, inform your alarm company of the confirmed date to detach and reattach the system as needed. We will make every effort to reinstall the old contacts, but we cannot guarantee that wires or old contacts won’t break.

Final Note:

One thing to keep in mind when you are replacing your windows is that the caulking used to seal the gaps between the window frame and the wall may have a strong odor until it is fully cured. This is normal and does not mean that the caulking is defective or harmful. The curing time may vary depending on humidity and temperature. We strive to anticipate all scenarios, but if anything arises that is not covered in this list, please bring it to our attention. Your satisfaction and a smooth installation process are our top priorities.


Glenn Walsh Avatar
Glenn Walsh
Bougt a few Windows there before and they were excellent quality.
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Wendy Avatar
Western Windows came highly recommended to us from one of their former customers. We still shopped around and got a few quotes from other companies. Although Western Windows were not the lowest price, it was evident their product is superior. We also liked the fact they are a family run business and their products are built locally in Calgary. But what really sets Western Windows apart from the other companies is their customer service. From their receptionists, to installers, to the owners of the company, their customer service is outstanding. We replaced ten windows and one sliding patio door. From the time of our initial contact, to the completion of the installation, this has been an easy, and pleasant experience. Thank you, Jeremy, and everyone at Western Windows! We highly recommend your company. Wendy and Steve
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Marlene Stelmack Avatar
Marlene Stelmack
We are incredibly pleased with the customer service, responsiveness and quality workmanship that Western Windows has provided. Jeremy and the install team were phenomenal. Many companies can learn what impeccable customer service is about from these folks. They replaced our back door, frame and windows. Amazing job. We will use them for future projects and recommend to others.
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