Window Condensation

Window condensation is a common problem that many homeowners face, especially during the cold seasons. It occurs when the moisture in the air condenses on the glass surface of the windows, creating droplets or fog. While it may seem harmless, window condensation can actually damage your windows, walls, and furniture, as well as affect your indoor air quality and comfort.

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Interior Condensation

Interior Condensation

  • Interior Condensation is the most common form of window condensation that people experience.
  • This is caused by cold exterior temperatures lowering the interior temperature of the internal pane of glass and then the moisture in the warmer air inside is drawn to the colder glass surface and condensates.
  • It can also lead to “frosting” of the windows. Triple pane windows with LowE and Argon gas will be your best defence against this.
  • Double pane glass with LowE and Argon glass will improve this but will not give as good of performance as the triple pane.

Check out this Guide for Understanding and Fixing Interior Moisture Problems in Housing by CMHC.

Exterior Condensation

Exterior Condensation

  • Exterior Condensation is the lesser occurring of the two condensation types.
  • It is becoming more prevalent as time goes on due to higher performing glass types (eg. Triple pane glass).
  • In this instance the warmth from inside the house is unable to escape through the glass enough to keep the moisture in the exterior environment from drawing to the surface of glass.
  • This will typically dissipate as the sun rises. This is a sign that your high efficient windows are working exactly as they should.
Condensation Between Glass Panes

Condensation Between Glass Panes

  • Condensation between glass panes is a different type of issue that occurs when the seals of double or triple pane windows fail, allowing moisture to accumulate in the space between the panes of glass.
  • This is a sign that the seal on insulated glass unit has failed and the glass unit will need replacing. It is covered under warranty by Western Western glass warranty.
  • Opting for windows with durable seals and high-quality construction is essential to reduce the risk of condensation between glass panes.
Recommended Indoor Relative Humidity

Recommended Indoor Relative Humidity

This range helps minimize moisture accumulation on windows, reducing the likelihood of window condensation.

Condensation Prevention Strategies

Condensation Prevention Strategies

Window condensation prevention strategies:

  • Proper Ventilation: Ensuring adequate ventilation is essential to control humidity levels within your home. Effective ventilation methods can help in reducing condensation.
  • Humidity Control: Managing indoor humidity levels is key to preventing condensation. Our experts will advise you on maintaining optimal humidity for your specific climate.
  • Quality Window Selection: Choosing high-quality windows that offer excellent insulation can significantly reduce the likelihood of condensation. We’ll guide you on selecting the right windows to match your needs.
  • Seal Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of window seals is vital in preventing condensation between glass panes. Our team can provide tips on seal upkeep.
  • Insulation Improvements: Upgrading your home’s insulation can help regulate indoor temperatures and reduce condensation. We’ll advise you on enhancing your home’s insulation.

Whether you’re dealing with interior condensation, exterior condensation, or condensation between glass panes, our team is here to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to keep your home comfortable and moisture-free.

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