Window Installation

Western Windows provides market leading Windows, but that doesn’t mean that the installation isn’t just as crucial to a job being well done. Experienced, knowledgeable and honest installation crews are key to ensuring that every job is done to the most demanding home owners standards. A great crew should know what they are doing and be trusted to do the job well without taking any shortcuts. This is precisely why Western Windows only uses their own hourly paid installers and stays away from sub-contractors.

At Western Windows our efficient crews can install windows year round. The disturbance to the home owner is always kept to a minimum with each window being installed quickly after the old window is removed. Cleanliness is also a point of pride for our crews. Windows are to be cleaned, dropsheets are to be used and the installation crews will vacuum up when they are done. All debris will be removed from the site as well.

There are two main installation types that Western Windows uses. They are described below.

Full Frame Installation

This is the preferred installation method of Western Windows. A full frame replacement means that we are removing all of the components of the existing window including the brickmold, frame and jamb. This installation style will require that the existing interior casing be removed and either re-installed where possible or put new casings on. This installation style enables Western Windows to fully insulate around the new window which will in-turn greatly improve the overall efficiency of the unit. Another benefit to the full frame installation is that all of the existing window is removed and replaced with maintenance free PVC.

Box Frame Installation

This installation style is also known as a retro-fit install. In this install style the existing window frame is left intact and a new window is fit into the existing window. This install method is most often used in circumstances where the home owner absolutely does not want to interfere with the interior or exterior finish of the windows. This is most prevalent in heritage homes where the home owner does not want to diminish some of the character elements of a home by removing special sills/interior casing etc.