Doors You Can Trust in Calgary from Western Windows

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Doors You Can Trust in Calgary from Western Windows

Open up the door to a safer, more comfortable, and next-level stylish home.

Western Windows is here to hand you the key to innovative solutions you’d gladly welcome into your abode.

Ultimately, a door is way more than just a mere entryway. It’s a provider of security, comfort, peace of mind, and aesthetics.

Top-notch quality, energy efficiency, and unparalleled visuals—you’ll find all that and more right here at Western Windows. Keep reading to learn more about our products and services; discover why we’ve been the go-to choice for door installation in Calgary since 1977.

Proper door Installation is Key

A Reputation for Top-Notch Door Installation in Calgary: About Western Windows

Having won the Consumer Choice Award multiple times and being accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a testament to our stand-out products and services.

Proudly family-run since 1977, Western Windows has built a reputation for elevating houses and making them feel more like home. We’re known for having an in-depth understanding of what it is exactly that families look for in both doors and windows: comfort, efficiency, security, and aesthetics. As such, our company has grown to be one of the best remodeling companies in Calgary and south central Alberta.

All our doors are custom-built in our factory in Calgary, after which these products are incorporated into clients’ homes by our very own in-house installation team. As such, you can rest assured that every step of the process upholds our commitment to excellent quality, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for custom doors, exterior doors, patio doors, sliding doors, or glass doors in Calgary, we offer a diverse selection of styles and options tailored to suit any home’s unique personality and needs.

When the query is “top-notch doors and windows near me” for Calgary residents, all roads lead to Western Windows. Your home’s curb appeal and functionality are about to have their best glow-up yet.

The Types of Doors We Offer

Where functionality meets stunning door designs and a plethora of options, you’ll find our products taking the lead.

Entry Doors

Your entry door is your house’s toughest soldier. Whether you’re at home with your family or away at work, it constantly protects you and your precious home. Every day, it sees you off and then welcomes you back home. And when you have relatives or friends over, it’s the entry door that makes a first impression and hospitably greets them. It’s there to add value and make a statement of your choice.

With all the hard work it puts in on the daily, you want it to be able to stand the test of time—all while looking utterly fabulous as it carries out its functions.

Don’t settle for anything less than elevated construction, functionality, style, and installation. Learn more about Western Window’s entry doors below:

About Our Entry Doors

Brand: Novatech

Collections: Shaker, Design, Prestige, and Classic


  • Energy Star Seal: Meets Energy Star standards in all configurations
  • Improved comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Superior durability
  • Increased security
  • Unrivaled soundproofing
A front entry door

Calgary Exterior Doors

There’s nothing quite like a solid, professionally installed, Calgary exterior door to keep your home safe and sound. Beyond front entry doors, we also offer top-tier solutions for backdoor entrances. Find your premade or custom exterior door in Southern Alberta with Western Windows today.

Discover more about our Calgary exterior doors below:

About Our Exterior Doors

Brand: Masonite

Collections: Barrington, Vista Grande, Heritage Series, Belleville, HD Steel, and Sta-Tru


  • A breadth of exterior doors to meet any design, performance, and material need
  • Masonite runs extensive testing at the R&D center to ensure the most stringent fire-rated building codes are met
  • Offers several door designs with 10″ bottom rails, which complies with ADA (American Disabilities
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC) compliant: our door’s high STC values represent better noise reduction

Patio Doors

The path to finding the perfect patio door in Calgary just got easier.

Sliding Glass Doors in Calgary

When it comes to patio doors, sliding glass doors continue to slide to the top as the most popular choice for homeowners.

Sliding doors in Calgary have become increasingly in demand in modern architecture due to their easy-to-use and practical design. Unlike traditional swing doors, sliding doors consist of horizontally sliding glass panels that glide smoothly along a track. This mechanism allows for effortless operation, making them convenient for everyday use. Whether it’s a patio or balcony, sliding doors provide an elegant and contemporary touch to any space.

One key advantage of sliding doors is the amount of natural light they bring into a room. The large glass panels allow for maximum sunlight penetration, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. This is particularly beneficial for areas that lack windows or have limited access to natural light. The abundant sunlight not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also contributes to a healthier and more energy-efficient environment.

In addition to their light-enhancing capabilities, sliding doors are ideal for maximizing space utilization. Since they don’t swing open like traditional doors, they eliminate the need for clearance space required by swinging hinges. This makes sliding doors perfect for areas with limited floor area. By eliminating swinging radius restrictions, these doors can be easily installed in compact spaces without causing obstructions. Overall, the combination of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and space efficiency makes sliding doors a fantastic choice.

A patio with sliding glass doors

Other Types of Patio Doors

While sliding doors are the classic choice when it comes to patios, that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and opt for other door styles.

Open your home up to your beautiful outdoor space with other types of patio doors made by Western Windows, such as the following:

  • Hinged patio doors
  • French sliding doors
  • Patio screen doors

About our Patio Doors/Sliding Glass Doors in Calgary

Brand: PH tech


  • The quietest, most thermally efficient door available on the market today
  • Performance that meets the highest standards in terms of energy efficiency and meets the latest Canadian and American energy standards.
  • Design that allows for 1″-thick triple-glazed sealed units
  • Efficient division between the glass and steel reinforcement, significantly reducing the risks of condensation
  • Smooth opening thanks to patented dual-tandem nylon wheels
  • Raised rails to protect the wheels from dirt and debris

Door Glass and Glass Doors in Calgary

It’s the crystal clear solution to a more innovative design—our premium door glass solutions bring clarity and light into your home.

We have an assortment of glass for your door that will meet your needs and style. Whether you want better views with clear glass or frosted glass, we have it all.

Replacing classic doors with glass panels is a fantastic way to give your home a modern and stylish makeover. Not only do glass doors instantly elevate the aesthetics of your living spaces, but they also create a noticeable change that transforms ordinary rooms into sleek and sophisticated areas. Installing glass doors is the clear solution to a classy and fresh new look.

Custom Doors in Calgary

Some homes simply require a more personalized touch.

Looking for custom doors in Calgary? Western Windows is here to match different architectural styles with innovative custom door solutions. Easily take your pick from various designs, finishes, hardware, and glass options to create a door that perfectly complements your home’s aesthetics. We make finding the perfect custom doors in Calgary more seamless than ever.

Where Stunning Aesthetics Meet Energy Efficiency

As a leading provider of expert door installation in Calgary, we understand that homeowners are looking for more than just style and functionality—energy efficiency matters just as much.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Doors

Having energy-efficient doors comes with the following perks:

  • enhanced living space comfort (less noise and drafts)
  • protects interiors from excessive fading
  • reduced energy expenses
  • elevated property value

The Elements of an Energy-Efficient Door

What are the boxes that need to be ticked off before it can pass as an energy-efficient door? It all depends on the material, construction, and insulation. Here’s what you should be on the lookout for:

  • High-quality door materials (such as fiberglass, insulated wood, composite materials, steel, or aluminum)
  • Insulated cores
  • Low-E glass
  • Weatherstripping (slows down heat transfer by up to 70%)
  • High R-values (an indicator of better energy conservation)
  • Well-constructed frames (such as thermal break metal frames, insulated vinyl frames, or solid wood frames)

Proper Installation is Key

You could have a top-of-the-line door made with the best materials available—but if it isn’t properly installed by an expert, all its expected energy-efficient features simply won’t be unlocked.

Expert door installation in Calgary is the key to optimal performance.

From weatherizing to insulation, our team of professionals will ensure your doors are all set to perform to their full potential. Reach out to Western Windows for expert advice on the most suitable energy-efficient doors for your home.

Western Windows’ Winning Warranties

Western Windows’ products continue to take the lead—and our winning warranties champion them further.

All our products come with extensive warranties. Plus, all warranties are completely transferable with no registration required.

Discover more about our warranty policies.

Open The Door to More Comfortable and Stylish Living

Ready to kick your home’s curb appeal up a notch while making your space more comfortable?

From glass doors in Calgary to patio screen doors, find everything you need right here at Western Windows.

The door to comfier and more stylish living is open—and Western Windows is right here to welcome you in.

Contact us today to get started with door installation in Calgary. Click here to request a quote or schedule a free in-home estimate.

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