The Ultimate Destination for Windows in Calgary: Western Windows

Written by Western Windows Created on February 23rd, 2024
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The Ultimate Destination for Windows in Calgary

You’re here because you want your windows to win the aesthetic and test of time game.

And we’re here to make that happen.

Western Windows is known as the ultimate destination for fenestration in Calgary. Since 1977, we’ve guaranteed 100% satisfaction with our products, installation, and customer service. Our Calgary windows and doors never fail to provide top-tier visuals, comfort, security, and efficiency.

Now, let’s roll down the windows for a bit and give you an inside look at how we’re setting the bar high for window companies in Calgary through our unparalleled products and services:

Table of Contents | The Ultimate Destination for Windows in Calgary: Western Windows

1. Calgary Window Replacement

2. Calgary Windows Installation

3. The Types of Windows We Offer

  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Single Slider Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Fixed Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Bay/Bow Windows
  • Specialty Windows
  • Tilt-Turn Windows

Calgary Window Replacement

Let’s be honest—being a window is not an easy job. It consistently brings sunshine into your home, protects you from harsh weather, increases your home’s efficiency, decreases the effect of outside noise, and enables you to bring fresh air into your space whenever you want to. It’s tough work.

While we’re pretty sure you thank your windows for a job well done on the daily (you aren’t forgetting to do that, right?)—when was the last time you checked if they were doing okay?

If you notice any of the following:

  • condensation
  • drafts
  • moisture build-up between panes
  • difficulties operating them
  • increased outdoor noises
  • fading interiors
  • increased energy costs

That could be a sign your current windows are hanging on for dear life and are in dire need of a replacement. Look no further than our team for a Calgary window replacement process that’s a total breeze. With plenty of window types and designs available, finding the perfect match that seamlessly blends into your home and yet elevates its visuals will be easier than ever.

A person installing a window

Calgary Window Installation

Moreover simply replacing windows, we’re also here for you if you’re building your dream home from scratch or are starting a fresh home renovation project. When it’s time to fit your property with windows that tick all the boxes, our team is just one call away.

Choosing the right Calgary window installation company is more crucial than it might look at first. You could purchase the highest-end windows on the market—but if they’re poorly installed, you’ll see (and feel!) the negative effects right away.

At Western Windows, you get the best of both worlds: market-leading windows and flawless installation. Some window companies in Calgary opt to hire subcontractor installers, which doesn’t always lead to consistent results. Our in-house installers ensure an experienced, knowledgeable, and honest installation—-even the standards of the most meticulous homeowners are always met. No shortcuts here.

The Benefits of Our Calgary Window Installation Process

  • Longevity
  • Efficiency in both energy and operation aspects
  • Aesthetics
  • Flawless installation carried out by our in-house experts

The Types of Window Installation We Handle

Full Frame Installation

  • Involves removing all of the components of the existing window including the brick mold, frame, and jamb
  • Requires the existing interior casing to be removed and either re-installed where possible, or new casings will be incorporated
  • Enables our experts to fully insulate around the new window, improving the overall efficiency of the unit
  • All of the existing window unit is removed and replaced with maintenance-free PVC

Box Frame or Retro Fit Installation

  • Involves leaving the existing window frame intact and simply fitting a new window into it
  • The best choice for homeowners who don’t want to interfere with the interior or exterior finish of the windows (such as in the case of heritage homes where preserving the character elements of special sills and interior casing is preferred)

The Types of Windows We Offer

Casement Windows

This window type is hinged on one side (either the left or the right) and conveniently swings outwards opposite the hinges. Offering optimal ventilation and superior energy efficiency, it’s one of the most popular choices for windows in Calgary.

The moment you swing out casement windows, invigorating air is invited to swing in.

Casement Windows

Awning Windows

Similar to casement types, you’ll find that awning windows are also hinged on one side. The difference is that they’re hinged at the top and swing out from the bottom instead.

Are you a pluviophile who loves keeping the windows open amidst rain showers? You’ll be in awe of how great awning windows are at keeping precipitation out—while still welcoming all the refreshing air in and giving you a crystal-clear view of the outdoors.

So prep a cup of your favourite green tea, take a seat by your awning windows, and get ready to bask in the beauty of nature.

Awning Windows

Single Slider Windows

Just like the name suggests, single slider windows only have one movable sash that slides either from the left to the right or upwards from the bottom. It comes with a fixed sash counterpart that sits pretty and is there for structural support so the other sash can slide freely.

If space-saving is a priority for you, then single slider windows will open your home up to fresh air without you having to create clearance for swinging it outwards.

When you decide to let single slider windows slide into your home, count on our team—one of the leading window companies in Calgary—to design and install them to perfection in your abode.

Single Slider Windows

Single Hung Windows

Here’s another one for space-saving enthusiasts: single-hung windows.

This window type is a great choice for rooms with limited space such as bathrooms, hallways, and other tight areas. They operate vertically, so you can easily incorporate them into your space without sacrificing any interior square footage. The fixed upper sash provides stability, while the bottom sash can easily be opened by sliding it up or down on vertical window tracks.

Leaning more toward units that tilt inwards for easier cleaning and maintenance? Easy. The Western Windows team can customize that design for you as well.

Single Slider Windows

Fixed Windows

Not all windows have to open up to the great outdoors and bring in fresh air, some are simply still and steady to consistently let the sunshine in. Fixed windows neither swing nor slide open; they basically don’t do anything. And yet, they do so much in terms of elevating you’re home’s beauty and brightening it up.

With thicker frames inspired by the elegance of casement and awning windows, this unit type brings instant art to your space’s architecture. Fixed windows prove that you don’t have to do much to actually do much.

A fixed window

Picture Windows

Thinking about framing your outdoor view to create a picture-perfect scene? Meet our picture windows that will capture your minimalist heart instantly.

Extremely similar to fixed windows in the way that they’re non-operable, what sets them apart is that they have much slimmer frames that maximize the amount of light streaming into your home.

Whether it’s for security reasons or you simply want to lessen the number of operable units you need to clean and maintain, adding picture windows to Calgary homes comes with plenty of benefits.

A picture window

Tilt-Turn Windows

In the department of duality, tilt-turn windows rank first place. They offer a unique design that enables you to tilt them inwards at the top for ventilation or open inwards from the side for easy-peasy cleaning. Did we mention it can also function as an emergency egress?

You’ll be blown away by the flawless combination of convenience, energy efficiency, and security that they’ll bring to your home.

Tilt-turn windows

Bay/Bow Windows

What if you don’t want your windows to be mere paths for air and light? What if you could turn them into the focal points and the main characters of your home’s fenestration story?

That’s where bay/bow windows walk in to transform your space into even more of an architectural masterpiece. Combining three or more windows to create a stunning outward angle from the house, it’s the type that illuminates your space and adds roominess.

Specialty Windows

There’s no doubt that many homeowners seek more unconventional options from window companies in Calgary.

If the usual window types aren’t your cup of tea, dive into the world of our specialty windows where your imagination is the limit. From unusual shapes and sizes to eccentric angles and curves, incorporating your unique personality and charm into your home’s fenestration has never been easier.

The Window of Opportunity for A More Stunning Home

When it comes to window companies in Calgary, Western Windows continues to take the lead with top-quality products, flawless installation, and unparalleled customer service.

Your window of opportunity to seamlessly upgrade your home with top-tier fenestration is right here.Contact us today to request a free estimate for our top-tier Calgary windows and doors.

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