Specialty Windows

At Western Windows, we’re the architects of imagination when it comes to crafting windows. Our windows don’t just come in the usual shapes and sizes; they’re a symphony of angles and curves. They’re your canvas to add a dash of personality or simply to refresh what’s already in place.

Our windows are like the artisans of transformation, bringing a touch of character and charm to your space. With Western Windows, your home gets a makeover that’s as unique as you are. It’s where innovation meets inspiration, and every window tells a story!

Performance Features

Our specialty windows don’t skimp on features. We use use the same quality glass and construction, regardless of design.


Multichamber Design

More chambers than any competing product. Provides superior thermal insulation and sound reduction. Guaranteed outstanding resistance to warping and crushing (minimizing the likelihood of seal failure and gas loss).


Exclusive PVC Compound gives the window better resistance to impacts and discoloration.


Refreshed Style

Optional inside and outside design accessories for a neat finish. 


Fusion-welded corners

Gives a more attractive appearance, enhances solidity, and eliminates the need for adhesives and sealants. 100% watertight and airtight.


Triple-layer weatherstripping

Provides superior insulation, virtually eliminating air, water, dust, and dirt infiltration. Easily replaceable if needed thanks to the groove.


Optional low-E double or triple glazing with argon gas

For increased energy efficiency.


Interior Glazing Bead

Designed to withstand extreme conditions. Provides greater security. 


Exclusive anchoring system for opening/locking mechanisms

Specifically designed mounting screws are installed through a minimum of two PVC walls for reliable, durable, and secure fastening.  



Pick a style that best suits your home. 

Choose from our selection of classic window border colours:

Ice White Sandstone Almond
Maize Cashmere Pebble
Brownstone Sandalwood Sable
Tan Old World Blue Wedgewood Blue
Forest Green Metallic Grey Slate
Canyon Clay Midnight Surf Storm
Windswept Smoke Iron Ore Burgundy
Venetian Red Red Black
Commercial Brown Chestnut Brown Nutmeg
Antique Brown Alu Copper
Classic window border colours - Western Windows
Classic window border colours - Western Windows
Classic window border colours - Western Windows
Classic window border colours - Western Windows
Classic window border colours - Western Windows

Low E

Western Windows offers two high performance Low E Glass solutions that provide year round comfort and savings by reducing heat loss, controlling solar energy and protecting from interior fading. We also recommend argon gas fill to improve energy efficiency.

Speciality Designs

Your specialty window is guaranteed to reflect your sense of style. Get creative and see how we can make your dream window a reality.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers about Western Windows' Specialty Windows: Benefits? Design options? Energy efficiency? Installation? Maintenance? Where to buy?
Speciality Windows
What are Specialty Windows?
Specialty Windows are custom-made windows that are uniquely designed to meet specific architectural requirements and personal preferences.
What design options are available for Specialty Windows?
Western Windows offers a wide range of design options for Specialty Windows, including various shapes, sizes, frame materials, grille patterns, glass options, and customization features.
Are Specialty Windows energy-efficient?
Yes, Specialty Windows from Western Windows can be energy-efficient when equipped with features like insulated glass, low-emissivity coatings, and energy-efficient frame materials.
How are Specialty Windows installed?
Specialty Windows require professional installation to ensure a proper fit and seal. Western Windows can connect you with authorized dealers who offer installation services.
How do I maintain and care for Specialty Windows?
Regular maintenance includes cleaning the glass, inspecting the frame for any signs of damage or wear, ensuring proper weather sealing, and following manufacturer guidelines for specific care instructions.
Where can I purchase Western Windows Specialty Windows?
Western Windows' Specialty Windows are available through authorized dealers and retailers. Contact Western Windows or visit their website to locate a dealer near you.